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  1. Does Gel-Blaster hurt? Not really. Most players say it feels like a nerf dart, or a flick.

  2. What should I wear? You can wear any type of clothes, but closed toe shoes are required.

  3. How old do you need to be to play? The minimum age to play Gel-Blaster is 8.

  4. How much does it cost? Gel-Blaster is affordable, and is only $25 for a session pass with a rental package included.

  5. If I have a Groupon, how do I book? All you have to do is email or call, and we can help book you in.

  6. Do we need a reservation to play? Yes, reservations are always required for Gel-Blaster.

  7. Can I bring in my own food? Outside food and beverage, our not permitted onsite.

  8. Do I need to do anything before arriving? Yes, you'll want to have your waiver completed, in addition to reading the rules and regulations.

  9. Can I have alcohol onsite? No. Alcohol, smokeless tobacco, and Marijuana products are not permitted onsite.

  10. Can I simply drop my kids off? Yes, as long as you accompany them to the check-in counter, you may leave them with us.

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