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  1. How does the shooting gallery work? You will be given an airsoft AEG, and will then fire at our shooting simulators through a series of games and time trials.

  2. How old do you need to be to play? The minimum age to use the shooting gallery is 8.

  3. How much does it cost? The shooting gallery is affordable, and is only $20 for an hour long session.

  4. Can I use my own airsoft gun? Yes, the shooting gallery is not just limited to our equipment. Personal airsoft guns may be used as well.

  5. If I have a Groupon, how do I book? All you have to do is email or call, and we can help book you in.

  6. Do we need a reservation to play? Yes, reservations are always required for the shooting gallery.

  7. Can I bring in my own food? Outside food and beverage, with the exception of water, is not permitted onsite.

  8. Do I need to do anything before arriving? Yes, you'll want to have your waiver completed, in addition to reading the rules and regulations.

  9. Can I have alcohol onsite? No. Alcohol, smokeless tobacco, and Marijuana products are not permitted onsite.

  10. Can I simply drop my kids off? Yes, as long as you accompany them to the check-in counter, you may leave them with us.

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